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The sales process

The sales process can be complicated, and that’s why we recommend sellers work with a professional at Golden Realty.

  • First consider why you want to sell, the approximate value of your home, and if you’re ready to sell.

  • We’ll help you decide how to price your home to achieve the best offer.

  • Sign paperwork to put your home on market.

  • We’ll help you prepare your home to go on market.

  • We conduct open houses, create brochures, advertise your home on the web and provide other marketing techniques.

  • We’ll work together to complete important disclosures about your home, the neighborhood, and the Homeowner Association (HOA), if you have one.

  • We receive offers on your home and help you evaluate the strengths and weakness of each offer.

  • We’ll help you negotiate the best price and terms of the offer you choose, often in the form of counteroffer.

  • We monitor the progress of the sale, including appraisal, home and termite inspections, and the buyer’s loan approval.

  • Sign escrow documents at the title company to officially complete the sale of your home.

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